Buenos días! ... 17 de Abril

Buenos días 
17 de Abril
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  1. Lady that advice Doesnt apply to me
    In a relationship thier is barrier, one is recieving and one is giving. In our relationship am the one giving and she is the one recieving she is the one talking and she is the one recieving.she could have it her way and srill do the things she does cause niw i understand. You see u married her long time ago and i fell in love with her long time ago what i didnt know was she allready doing this before we met and in rhat sense i shouls not change her ways cause thats how i mwt her and it not a communication barrier any more cause really thier is no ons to blame here except communication if i leave now am take what is mine but if she accept my proposal where thing will be just fine am able yo comprehend the magnitude of our conplex relationship i love you and always will but it wont be the same as it was before it better.


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